Middle School Eligibility Requirements


School Activities

The Middle School offers an extensive selection of after school clubs and activities, such as: Art; Band; Bowling; Cheerleading; Chess & Games; Chorus; Club Brookdale; Drama;  Engineering; Golf; Library; Student Council (by election); and Yearbook.  In addition, the following sports are available. Fall: Field Hockey, Soccer; Winter: Basketball, Track, Wrestling; Spring: Baseball, Softball, Track/Field.

Athletic Eligibility Regulations

The values and lessons learned by students through participation in interscholastic athletics and co-curricular activities are numerous.  The development of responsibility, sacrifice, good sportsmanship, and accepting victory and defeat graciously are just a few of the lessons our students learn while participating in sports. Along with the privilege of participating in interscholastic athletics comes the responsibility to attain the most important facet of education: academic success.  Therefore, the following regulations have been developed in order to provide students with the motivation, support, and encouragement needed to learn the many positive lessons of athletic competition while maintaining high academic standards. These regulations must be met by Middle School students to be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletics.

•Course Requirements:  Students who fail two or more courses in a marking period preceding the opening of the season or during the season are ineligible to participate.

•Age Requirement:  Students who have reached their fifteenth (15) birthday, prior to September 1st, are not eligible to compete on Middle School interscholastic athletic teams.

•Implementation and Monitoring of Grades: Each coach or advisor is responsible for checking grades in the guidance department and submitting lists to the Principal/Vice Principal.  Notification to the administration of the academically ineligible students and their removal from the activity is the responsibility of the coach or advisor.

•Discipline Requirement:  Students assigned Office Detention (OD) may not participate in any after school activity on the day the OD is served. For example, once OD is over, an athlete may not attend any practice or game for the remainder of the day.  OD’s may not be rescheduled to accommodate any after school activity.  Students assigned a Saturday Detention may not participate in any activity, practice, or game from the Saturday the SNAP is served through Sunday.  Students who are suspended may not participate in any activity while the suspension is being served.